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Storage Facilities Capacities
 No. of warehouses  10
 Warehousing facilities  > 400,000 sq. meters
 Open storage Yard  > 215,000 sq. meters
  • Private road leading to provincial road (no disturbance from villagers for loading/unloading)
  • Concrete road from Jetty to warehouse
  • +/- 1km from jetty's berth to provincial road

Warehousing Facilities

We can handle conventional cargo such as steel, fertilizer, generators, and project cargo. We also have berthing space for LCT to move heavy equipment via ramp door.

There are 10 column-free and high-ceiling warehouses of varying sizes.

The warehouses serve as transit warehouses for cargo which are being planned for shipment, and back-up warehouses, which are under long-term lease arrangement.

Open Storage Facilities

The open storage yard is used to hold cargo that do not require covered warehousing facilities. Bulky cargo like steel beams and bars, metal ingots and project cargo are stored in the open yards. 

Like the warehousing facilities, the open storage yards may also be used by our customers as transit or backup purposes. The total floor area of our storage yard is approximately 170,000 square metres.