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z: Tank Farm

Industries around East Kalimantan

  • Coal mines
  • Palm Oil Plantation
  • Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment for coal mine

  • Excavators
  • Dump Trucks
  • Grader
  • Compactor
  • WheelLoader
  • Generator
  • Water Truck
A small excavator uses about 20liter/hour, a small mine easily uses 5-10tons of diesel each month.

A large coal mine can easily consume 6million liter of diesel a month. For barge/other vessels used to transport coal, high speed diesel(HSD) figures yet to be obtained.

See coal shipping data from our shipping agent below (Daily Line Up Period March 23,2001.pdf)

2.3 million tons of coal scheduled for one shipping agent from Samarinda Anchorage

Why our location?

  • Accessibility for bunker to unload to tank farm (draft 7-12m)
  • Samarinda is the gateway to other cities (mature road system)
  • New bridge (Mahkota II) shall be built in Samarinda this bridge will prevent larger ships from going upriver, fuel either have to move to smaller barge or transport via trucks

Tank Farm

  •  Start with 2 x 5000Kl diesel tanks with bunds
  •  Liquid jetty, pump house and pipe racks

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