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Delta Mahakam

Most coal miners will load from mine site to 300ft coal barges(8,000tons) and drift down Mahakam River before transshipment loading to mother vessel(40,000-60,000tons) at Muara Pegah at Delta Mahakam. Muara Pegah and Muara Jawa has the deepest channels at Delta Mahakam

Location Distance fr River Mouth(Km) Depth(m) Width(m)
River Mouth-Samarinda 0-46 10-30 750-850
Samarinda-Muara Kaman 46-296 12-38 420-500
Muara Kaman-Melak 296-446 8-34 350-400

Speed of river tide in Samarinda during fair weather:
- Average depth = 24.4 m
- Speed = 0.73 m/sec
- Volume = 2200 m3/sec

Rainfalll 2800mm/year
- Max rainfall /day = 532mm
- Max rainfall / hour = 122mm

Details of Muara Pegah channel attached at the bottom of the page.
Sumber data: Kalimantan Timur dalam Angka, 1990

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