• Indonesia ( 印度尼西亚 / Indonesia) consists of 33 provinces/regency ( / propinsi):
  • Each province is governed by a regency (/ Bupati)
NO English Chinese Indonesian
1 Jakarta Special Capital Region
 大雅加达都市区 Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta
2 Special autonomous district

特别自治区 / 特別行政區

Daerah istimewa
30 Province Propinsi

Kabupaten / Kota

  • Regency (Indonesian : Kabupaten) and Municipality (Indonesian: Kota) are a local level of government smaller than a province, however they enjoy greater decentralization affairs than province does, such as provide public schools and public health facilities.
  • Each province is governed by a regency (/ Bupati)

No English Indonesian Chinese Head of Administration
Indo Title
Chinese Title
 Propinsi Governor Gubernur  省长
349 Regent/District  Kabupaten Regent Bupati  县长
91 Municipality/City  Kota Mayor Wali Kota  市长


  •  Each regency or city is divided into sub-district ( / kecamatan)
  •  Each sub-district is governed by ( / Camat)

Kelurahan /RW /RT

  • Sub-districts divided into villages ( / desa,kelurahan)
  • Each village is governed by Lurah ( /Lurah).
  • Each village is then subdivided into Community Unit ( ? / Rukun Warga)
  • Each Community Unit is divided into sub- Community Unit ( ? / Rukun Tertangga).



Kota :               Samarinda 沙马林达